Connecticut State - Still Revolutionary

Project Details

Ad Agency Chowder's founders Jim Ritterhoff and Tony Kobylinski came to Color with a unique problem for their new Connecticut Tourism Board's Campaign. A beautiful song composed by Bruce Wooley (The Buggles, Grace Jones) needed to be recorded by the Hartford Symphony Orchestra at their performance venue, The Bushnell Performing Arts Center.

Bushnell has no formal recording studio but the project needed to be recorded & filmed simultaneously. The content was then edited into the commercials. Josh Abbey, Color partner and engineer, co-produced the event with composer Bruce Wooley and film producer Fred Slobodin. Josh used a remote studio vehicle, staying under strict budget/time restrictions, miking each player, and recording in traditional live orchestra style. Vocals were added after the recording, bringing the singers in amidst the orchestra. The timing, the sound of the recording and the performances had to be flawless. This long form piece concentrates on the symphony's performance.

  • Client: Connecticut State
  • Agency: Chowder Inc.
  • Tasks: Recording, Mixing & Development
  • Website: CT State